How do supported Android versions influence an app?

  • Technical field: Versions supported

    Do you know if your application is supported by major versions of Android? Knowing the different versions of Android that an application supports is fundamental. If your app is not compatible with any members of the target audience, they will not be able to install it, or even worse, install it and experience issues.

    A correct compatibility choice can lead to:

    • Better install conversion.
    • Better user retention.

    Generally, it is the developer who defines the version of the Android that will support the application because it is depending on the code and features.

    Take advantage of the technical field: Version supported!

    The Android version names (Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, Lollipop, etc.) are not modifiable and are set by Google Play.

    versión soportada

    Not all Android devices make use of the latest version of Android. Many users still have devices from years ago with which new applications are not supported. A volume distribution of Android versions and their users is shown below.

    versión soportada

    In the “Supported Version” section of Mobylzer the version in which the application is published is analyzed and the number of versions that are compatible with the application are shown. If you allow a wide number of versions, +5 points will be awarded. +2 or +0 are also possible. These scores go into the “Summary and KPI” section at the top.


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    Marcos Vega