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Every time you update an app or a listing, you will obtain data on what has been improved in comparison to other updates, so that you may easily determine the best way to optimize your listing.

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Understand and improve the opinions of your application’s users. Identify current patterns or problems.


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Moblyzer helps you to understand what is happening to your application without breaking a sweat. Add keywords before you optimize your listing, so that later you can see how much your number of installation increases thanks to the tools that they offer. For example, thanks to their keyword search tool you will comprehend which words you need to concentrate on in order to increase your visibility. Their screenshot generator tool, which equips you with localized content customized for every country, will help you grow thanks to installations from other places in the world. Your business will be kept active thanks to daily notifications covering your rivals’ latest moves.

Efrén García Artero, CEO at iClassics Productions & President of Catalunya Apps Association

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