What types of apps make paid apps or free apps better?

  • Technical fields: Price

    All decisions count in ASO optimization. Every application is either free or paid, which is yours?

    Every application has its business model and monetization strategy. Is having a “Paid” app really worth it, though? Paid apps have the following attributes:

    • Decreased install conversion.
    • Loss of customers not willing to pay.
    • Increased app retention.

    There are also different options to add a price to an application. One is to launch a free version and a paid version. The newer version of this strategy is to utilize in-app payments (free applications that have features you can purchase within the app).

    Free or paid is the question for the technical field: Price!

    In the price section of the Developer console you have access to the price information.


    You also have the option to include internal advertising the application, publish it on Android TV/Auto, etc. Google divides paid and free applications in the Google Play Categories.

    Once you have identified the type of application you are analyzing you can see the differences in the installs between free vs. paid before making a decision.

    apps de pago

    In this section, more points are awarded if the application is free and 0 are awarded if the app is paid. These scores will be added to the “Summary and KPI’s” section at the top.


    Should you go with a free or paid app model? Analyze the markets, benefits/disadvantages, and competitors to come up with the best decision!

    Marcos Vega